The k API allows you to use utility style props directly on a React component. These elements accept utility props for inline styling that are type-safe and intuitively named. This means you can apply styles directly on the components while maintaining code readability and ease of use.

<k.div /> under the hood is converted into <Box as="div" /> . The difference between when to use Box and when to use k is that the variant applied to the Box component in kuma.config.ts does not apply when using k. In other words, users can use the Style Props provided by Kuma for a plain HTML element without any pre-attached styles.


import { k } from "@kuma-ui/core";


Hello world
const ThisIsTheKDiv = () => {
  return (
    <k.div p={4} m={["2px", "4px"]} _hover={{ color: "blue" }}>
      Hello world

In this example, we used the k.div component and styled it using utility props. The p and m props correspond to padding and margin, respectively. Note how we can provide an array to the m prop for responsive margin values, a feature we'll explore in detail in a later section.